24 August 2016

Airfix Scorpion CVR(T)

Let me say up front... I've always been a Scimitar kind of guy...

So I've had these two Scorpions for quite a while now, yet they always managed to get pushed to the back of the line.  Any and every line!

Now with my Commando project I had to finish them to call it complete it.  So I've finally managed to get these little buggers out of the way.  To be honest I'm not really happy with them, but they will serve their purpose.  To begin with the Airfix kit is not the greatest.  One kit I made ages ago - and managed to screw up at least part of it.  The other kit I bought made off a mate and tried to fix up some of it's problems - some of which will be pretty obvious when you look at the pics.

And of course I didn't think to add any weight to the front of the chassis - so when I loaded down the back of the turret with metal stowage, each vehicle kinda wants to tilt backwards...

So enough of my whinging...  onto the pics:

The rear on one of these is upside down!

I'm hoping that I'll be happier with them on the table - we'll see.

In addition to working with my Royal Marines, these little fellas with work with the RAF Regiment and in some Armoured Recon forces.  So it is good that they are finally done.  More options!

Nearly there with the Commandos...



  1. I like! It is a bit of a trial to assemble, but looks the part anyway.

    Nice one.