02 August 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 6

Not much progress today as I've got a very serious dose of man-flu! - so all I managed was some dry-brushing.  I took photos at each stage - but to be honest it's pretty hard to tell the difference between them in the photos.

Stage 1 - drybrush of straight VMC Russian Green over the model.  This is a pretty solid drybrush, trying to fix any mistakes from the black lining without covering any of the shadows you want up.

Stage 2 - add a bit of VMC Khaki to the mix.  A lighter drybrush

Stage 3 - add a bit more Khaki to the mix - guessing about 50/50 at this point - and even lighter drybrush

Final Stage - add more Khaki to the mix - a very very light drybrush, mainly focused on hard edges.

And that's it for drybrushing.  Now (tomorrow) I can get started on the details.



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