06 January 2016

S&S Models - VW Iltis - Work-in-Progress

Ahhh - the first post of 2016 - time to start towards finishing a project - and this time the focus is on my West Germans.

The plan for my West Germans shifts around a bit - but the aim is to eventually be able to field:
  • A Panzer Grenadier Company plus attachments;
  • A Fallschirmjager Company plus attachments; and
  • A Heavy Jaeger platoon plus attachments
To assist with the whole "attachments" thing I needed some West German soft-skins - primarily in the form of the Volkswagen Iltis.  You can see what it is supposed to look like here and a bit more about it here.

In the army lists I've prepared the Iltis can be used in a variety of roles - as Transport for your Forward HQ, for your FAC or FO team, for your MPs and even as a gunned up recce vehicle.  I'll be using mine in all those roles.

The models themselves come from S & S Models although it may not "officially" be available yet.

Here is what they look like as of last night:

As you can see I've done a little green-stuff work on them and added (using plastic rod) windscreens.  I mounted an MG3 on one, just to designate it as the recce Iltis.

I'm planning on spraying these tonight and will try to have them finished for the weekend.

Thanks - and have a great 2016


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