18 January 2016

New Arrivals

I had a couple of new things arrive on the doorstep yesterday which I thought I'd briefly share.

First up is this:

Really pleased this has arrived as Black Ops is the system I'm planning on using for my solo Special Forces attack/sabotage/general sneek around on the the SA-10 battery I've started to show recently.  The Missile TEL arrived last week and is about half way there.

I've heard some good things about Black Ops and am keen to get some solo games in.

This also arrived:

It's a German DVD series about a young East German who gets sent to West Germany to spy on the West.  I really don't know that much about it - Wikipedia link here - but it pressed all my buttons so was a must buy.

I'll let you know what I think of both as I get a chance to read/watch them in the next few weeks.

Off to Cancon on the weekend - so hopefully will get some bargains!



  1. We are up to episode 3 here in the UK. Very good.

  2. I've seen the first two episodes of Deutschland '83, and I'm very impressed so far. It really captures the feel of the early 1980s.

  3. You'll love it-Deutschland 83 has been really good so far. Nice to have a TV /film with a view from the other side of the wall.

  4. Very interested to hear what you make of Black Ops - it's revitalised my Cold War project.