23 January 2016

Post Cancon Cold War Stash Update

Cancon is Australia's largest wargaming convention held each year around this time in Canberra.  Many game systems have their National tournaments at Cancon and it attracts a pretty decent sized crowd and a fair amount of traders.

Ive been attending Cancon for many years now - firstly as a tournament player and now more of a relaxed shopper.  Its a great place to run into old friends quite randomly - which much to my delight happened again this year - and to catch some real bargains if you're lucky.

Sadly to me - my favourite trader could not make it this year - but my second favourite - Eureka Miniatures was there with the brilliant World War Two AB Figures range - so I was able to "finish" (Ha!) my miniatures purchases for my later WW2 Fallshirmjager and US Army forces.

No traders were really dealing in Cold War minis this year - so I was totally reliant on the randomness of the "Bring and Buy" 2nd hand stalls.

So here's what I managed to snag:

That's 2 Cromwell Model's Warrior MCVs and a Spartan APC and:

A Cromwell Model's PT-76 and ZSU-23-4!  Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with a 5th PT-76 but at the price I got it for I'm more than willing to spend some time thinking about it!

And finally:

S-MARS is not a brand I'd heard of - but for $5 I thought why not.  I had a bit of a look inside once I got home and it looks like a very decent, fast build T-80U.  Right up my alley.

So - well chuffed with my little adventure and its outcomes.  KPI's met for Cancon 2016!




  1. That's quite a haul.
    Looking to seeing tem on the paint table.

  2. Great haul, especially on the Cromwell kits.



  3. I have the MARS kits...they are kinda on the same line as ACE kits..no decals and the instructions are meh, but they are fast build