23 November 2015

S&S Models - M106 - Work-in-Progress Part 1

I've been rather busy later - all my hobby time has been consumed by either flogging some of my (very) old stuff on ebay, or avoiding my painting desk because it's been so ridiculously hot.

So as I set up my new and definitely not improved photo "booth" last night (again for ebay) I thought I'd sneak in a look at another pair of vehicles I'm getting close to finishing.

I'm embarassed (but not surprised) to see that I started these in August 2011 here and they are still not finished!  I struggled for a long time trying to get the "right" MERDC colours, and then decided to change to crew to use the Elhiem US mortar crew.

Anyway - here's where they are up to:

I'm basically happy with the MERDC - at least I think it looks pretty good on the table top.  I still have a couple of air bubble holes to fill in, to add the .50cal mount and the HMG itself, plus some weathering before the vehicles are complete.

I had to make some slight alterations to the Elhiem figures which are about 1/2 finished:

Terrible photo, but as they are not the finished product - I'm not too bothered right now.

So hopefully these will be finished this week and I can move onto something else!

That's it for now