28 August 2015

So Chuffed!!!!!!

I spent today out of the office doing some "real" work up the coast, which meant of course that on the way home I was forced to stop at a hobby store I normally can never get to.  Even as I stepped through the front door my eyes fell upon this wonderful beauty I had desired for many a year.  There it sat on the shelf, next to my wife's favourite word.  SALE.

So I casually walked up to it.  Picked it up.  Checked out the price.  Walked to the counter and put it down saying - "I'll be back for this in a minute".  Obviously I couldn't risk someone walking into the shop and purchasing it while I was looking around.

After a brief look around - where I looked at a couple of other nice things which would have been nice, I decided that buying anything else (apart from some paint of course) could only be classified as being greedy.

So I made my purchase and left the store with this:

Now I'm pretty sure I'll only ever need one of these.  (Famous last words...) I'm also pretty sure you could only ever fit one on a table!  Right now I'm leaning to making it as a landed version rather than a flying version - but I'll have to think on that further...

This will be a total committment build - so I'll be trying to do a fully painted interior - proper windows (rather than my standard painted over windows) and basically as tizzied up as I can make it.

It won't be built over night - but it will happen!

On with the show



  1. Score! Look forwards to seeing this painted up with a few tanks rolling out.

  2. nice find mate, it is just a beast!


  3. A big kit like that deserves to have the full treatment- I'm looking forward to seeing it worked on.



  4. got two and an Mi 6, you can never have two many wonderful bird, have fun building it

  5. Thanks guys - Andy - you're crazy, but if I can build mine 1/2 as good as one of yours I'll be very happy!