16 August 2015

S&S PT-76 Work-in-Progress

Very brief post now - still not gotten around to taking some decent photos, but I hope soon to have my Soviet Naval Infantry force essentially done.  Feeling a little overwhelmed as I've started too many little projects so I'm not finishing anything - so trying to concentrate on these guys and get them to a game ready state.

The PT-76's are a pretty solid model from S&S.  No serious casting issues - I've just added a few little bits to them to make them slightly more interesting.  These will be plain green so I can use them in almost any WARPAC force - well certainly Soviets, East Germans and Poles. 

So here is how they looked a week ago:

They've now been undercoated, base-coated and pin-washed so the next pics you'll see of these will be the finished article.  I hope...

OK - that's it for now


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