29 August 2015

S&S PT-76's completed

I've finally managed to finish a few things and more importantly take photos, so over the next few days I'll be posting quite a lot.

I thought I would start with the finished PT-76s as I showed the WIP a week or so back.  These were nice straight forward, well cast kits, which I've painted to be useful for my Soviet Naval Infantry in particular, but I also wanted them to be useable for East Germans or Poles - or even if I ever want to go that way - for 3rd echelon Soviet Motor Rifle who would still have been using these rather out-dated tanks in their recce forces.

I also decided to make up my own batch of pigments - mainly because I wasn't totally sold on the pigment colours available from Vallejo, and nowhere around here sells the MiG or AK Interactive pigments...  So overtime I have picked up a few hard and soft pastels from art shops, and I ground up a few to get a colour I was happy with to represent Norwegian mud.  (as if I know what Norwegian mud looks like!!)

Anyway - here are the pics:

As I pointed out in the WIP previously, I added a few things to the tanks to spice them up a little.

I also weathered the PST Model's PT-76 I've shown previously so it now looks a bit more battle-worn rather than parade ground:

This one has definitely been decaled as a SNI tank - so I'll need to get 1 more PT-76 to field a vanilla platoon.

More coming soon (maybe tomorrow) so stay tuned




  1. Egad! Amphibious Russkies! When do you think they'll see the wargames table Richard?

  2. Not for a little while I'm afraid. I have some playtesting coming up shortly, but no finished opposition for my SNI, so it's likely to just be standard forces - or maybe at least 1 VDV air assault game.