19 May 2015

Scenes from the Cold War - The Village

A while back I completed a fair amount of terrain peices for our campaign weekend.  Unfortunately, in the long run not all of it was really needed on the day - so only a few bits and peices made it onto the second table.

So I decided to spend a bit of time laying out a sample village table to get an idea of what I still needed to do to fill a decent sized table, and more importantly, to make it look realistic.  Here's what I came up with starting with a table walk-around...

Obviously if you start throwing terrain down on a table top you also have to throw down a few figures and vehicles for a bit of perspective!  So I decided to add some West German and US vehicles, plus for West German police and US infantry to the scene.

Just a bit of fooling around to be honest - but now I know I need to do some front & backyards, driveways, garages etc - all to help with getting the right look.

As always - loads to do.



  1. Hello

    Nice Village for Cold War game's.
    Did made the houses or bought them ? And where? I new at this that's why questions.
    Thank you for the information
    Kind Regards

  2. Thanks mate. I pretty much made them all. Mostly railway kits from Faller (plastic) Pola (plastic) and Superquick (cardboard). Some Noch (?) cardboard ones there as well. Should be able to find them all at a decent hobby/railway store or ebay.


  3. Looking good- reminds me of the Wargame: Air Land Battle PC game. A table set up like that will suck up troops compared to a more open set up. Those pesky MBT won't be so cocksure either in there.



  4. Indeed - that's the whole idea.