31 May 2015

Not another one... yet another project.... Work-in-progress

Yes - I know - what an idiot - can't concentrate on one thing and get that done properly - always after the next shiney thing...  yes, that pretty much sums up my approach to Cold War model making and army collecting.  One day I'll have to create a list...

Anyway - I've been wanting to do a range of small projects - similar in size to my slowly progressing Berlin Brigade project - a couple of tanks (max 1 troop), a platoon of infantry (or 2), couple of recce vehicles and a tiny bit of support - enough for some small Cold War game.

When I stumbled across a couple of (very) old Airfix Centurion kits hidden in a mate's rather extensive stash, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with them.  Danish Centurion Mk 5/2 DK's.  They look like this:

In this photo you can see a few differences to a standard Centurion.  Prominent next to the barrel is the laser ranger finder and passive night fighting equipment.  There is an armoured cover to the gunners sight up on the turret and beside that is a mount for a machine gun.  Hidden under a cover is a set of smoke dischargers (on either side of the turret).  The mantlet has a canvas cover and the turret has a large stowage basket, like this:

on the back...

This photo of a beautiful 1/35 scale model I found on-line shows the smoke dischargers in detail:

If only I could make models that look like that!

Anyway... this is my slightly dodgy attempt - with crappy ipad photos...

Not 100% crap but not 100% good either.  I think once it is covered in Cam nets and painted it will look a bit better.  I think the turret basket and smoke dischargers are a bit big and I got my sensors around the wrong way on the front (that's what happens when you do things upside down).  But right now - until something better comes along - I can live with it.

My next Danish vehicle is a WarMaster M41 that I'll add a searchlight and smoke dischargers too.  Then I'll need to get some more M113's... and some infantry... and some small Land Rovers... and....
Small project indeed!




  1. I think you're off to a good start with those two.

  2. I'm glad to see someone is finally tackling the infamous Dano-Soviet Bacon War of 1978. No better man.

  3. Don't worry, I have hobby ADD too

  4. Great work, you don't see a lot of Danish cold war stuff, I can't wait to see a AAR with these guys!

  5. Thanks chaps - should prove an interesting force when finished - up against some interesting opposition - finally an excuse to start some East Germans and Poles. Of course I'll be focussing on the much more infamous Dano-Soviet Waffle Incident in '86 than that much over-hyped bacon fiasco in '78. :-)