11 May 2015

Review - Toxso Model - Scud B and Launcher

Time for a quick review.  Recently I was asked by a friend to build and paint a Toxso Model Scud B missile and launcher for him.  I'd heard of Toxso and seen some photos of the finished model - so was keen to give it a go.

Opening the box and it all looked a bit daunting but I slowly started to work at it and put it together and surprise, surprise - it was a joy to build.  It's an incredibly well designed kit, very clever and full of details.

Once you've made the chassis and added the wheels, the rest of the launcher or TEL, goes together in neat little sections.

The missile is also nice and simple.  It was so easy to build I would almost classify it as a "fast build" kit.

What's really clever is the launch platform.  I think this is super cool.

Sorry for the dodgy ipad pics.  As you can see it can be modeled in a variety of positions.

I can't get over what a great kit this is - I must now get one for myself!  I've also got to create a little Scud hunting game as well!

That's all for now




  1. Very nice! Have you found a good supplier for these kits in Australia? (I am based in QLD).