02 January 2015

Soviet Naval Infantry Vehicles - Work-in-Progress

First of what I hope will be many posts in 2015... Happy New Year everyone!

I had hoped to have had these vehicles finished for this post, but things have been pretty humid in Sydney lately and so I've had some issues with gloss and matt varnish sprays - so I'm not real happy with the state of these models, so I still consider them a work-in-progress rather than finished.

Anyway - this is where the BTR-60Pbs are up to:

I'm pretty sure I have the flags on backwards!  Oh well... Decals are from various ACE kits.

As a little surprise I also have this:

The PT-76 is a PST Models kit, which initially I found very frustrating (to an ACE Models level)...

... but once I got past the hull issues it was actaully a pretty straight forward build and looks pretty nice in my book.  Just need a few more now and some T-55s!

Once these all have had a decent couple of coats of a "good" matt varnish, I'll weather them and then they'll be finished.

So that's it for now - plenty of more Soviet stuff, plus more to come.

Happy Cold War gaming.



  1. Very nice!

    Do you have an OOB for the naval marines by chance?

  2. Hi Keith - I've worked up an "Army List" for Soviet Naval Infantry - based on a variety of sources.


  3. Could I bother you for a copy?

    thanks :)

  4. Hii Keith - let me know your email address and I'll see what I can do.


  5. Rally Nice! Do you have a link of the decal manufacturor? Those naval flags are really hard to find.