12 January 2015

British 105mm L118 Light Field Gun and Crew

Second post of the day... what's happening to me!!!  Crazy times indeed...

Anyway - I've just finished 2 lovely little Airfix 105mm L118 Light Field Guns along with some Elhiem crew and I thought you might like a look see:

Number One Gun

Number Two Gun

Gun Battery

So there you have it.  Pretty happy with that actually.  A nice little unit to support either my Royal Marines, Para's or even some UKMF infantry.

Thanks and have fun



  1. Long range snipers Gunners Aye!
    Gunner RD Redden 3Bde RA 1869-71

  2. Spent many a long hours on this piece in the US Army (although we put different tires on it and call it an M119) and it was alot of fun. Great work on the model. Now you'll have to build some heli's to sling-load it onto an LZ!

  3. Nice work- I the crew figures look great, you convinced me to base up mine in a similar pattern now too.



  4. " What do you mean it missed ??? It was ok when it left us !!!!!!"

    Sgt B. "Monty" Maunsell. (RA) Ist Arm Div 1970-88

  5. Nice little models. My only complaint is that the A frame should be folded away when in the firing position. Only spotted it because i worked on the 105mm for 22 years!!! great work though:)