21 December 2014

Photo Review of Liberation Miniatures BTR-60PB

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on 3 Liberation Miniatures (or RH Models) Soviet BTR-60PBs.

I have pretty much avoided BTRs up to this point as I have plenty of BMPs, and who want to play Category B units (I thought), but after being stung by the Soviet Naval Infantry bug, the need became much greater.  So I succumbed...

...and was amazed at the quality of these little beauties.  These are extremely crisply cast models, with nary an air hole or bubble in sight.  Awesome detail and only 10 peices.  1 resin hull, 8 metal wheels and the turret, which is all 1 peice.

Everything goes together very simply and this is what you end up with:

As you can see - really well cast models - totally in love with these little guys - so much so they've already been sprayed and I hope to have them finished before the new year.

So heartily endorsed!  2 thumbs up!

Have fun



  1. I picked up one of Liberation PT-76s at Warfare this year and I agree with you on the quality of the casting. Good solid resin models with no dodgy edges or bubbles to deal with. Wish I'd got. Couple of his BTR-80As as well,

  2. Very nice looking model. Did you order via the website?

  3. Any thoughts of how this model compares to the ICM plastic kit? This one looks really sharp. Will you interest in naval infantry mean Rolf's naval infantry will be coming up soon? Who doesn't want to paint with orange? ;)

  4. Hi and thanks guys. I got these 2nd hand. I have an ICM BTR-60 open topped AFV, which is significantly larger (longer and wider) than these.

    I would love Rolf to finish off his SNI, but sadly I don't think my little efforts have any impact on manufacturer's schedules!

    Thanks again. Richard