28 August 2014

200th Post! - Spahpanzer Luchs

Without really realising it - this is my 200th post!  Quite chuffed with that really.  Was going to celebrate it somehow - but completely forgot about it...  Maybe I should have a competeion or something for post 250?

Anyway, my next completed model is a Revell Spahpanzer Luchs recon vehicle.  This is an interesting kit to build as the suspension etc is pretty complex (I'm sure I managed to build mine backwards!) and very realistic (the rubber parts on the wheels come in 3 seperate peices) and yet none of the hatches open...  So an excellent model - but none of the flexibility, no real options that you would expect in a decent kit.

Here is the box art:

I have about 5 or 6 (or even 7) more of these kits to build.  Normally I try and build things 2 at once - but the undercarriage seemed so complicated, I decided just to do the one.  I must admit though - that the Revell instructions are excellent - it was like a book!  Very detailed strep by step.

So this one got painted in the later Bundeswehr/NATO 3 tone cam.  Here it is:


So there she is.  Pretty sure the Luchs died quite quickly in its first game as well.  A 20mm canon vs a T-72 Super Dolly Parton isn't much of a match!

Have fun



  1. I have that set plus a Roco version. With what others are doing by having one viehicle as a battalion I can field two.

  2. Very nice work. Really like the weathering on the tyres.