10 August 2014

AVLB Bridge Ramps

In the recent AAR I knew I was going to use my MTU-55 AVLB bridge as one of the major objectives.  Now the S&S MTU-55 model comes with 2 bridges - the folded bridge to be carried by the tank:

and the folded out bride - ready to cross a small river or obstacle:

As you can see in the above photo, the bridge sits nice and flat (as it should).  However, this is a little problem as my rivers (from Battlefront) also sit flat on the table:

So I needed some simple ramp to allow the bridge to cross the river, without resting on the river sides or leaving one side of the bridge up in the air.

The solution was pretty simple and obvious - small ramps to raise the bridge:

And here in action prior to the game:

And in game:

So very happy with that and worth a post!




  1. Simple but very neat idea. Nice work on the bridgelayer too!

  2. Hello! Amazing stuff! Now I want to play this game! It's called "1980s Cold War", right? So where can I get rules for it? Thanks in advance.