29 March 2014

FV432s (and more) finished...

So the latest Guild group build (part 1 of a year long build) finishes tomorrow and I managed to finish my entry today.

Basically I have completed 2 FV432 platoons and 2 CVR(T) Strikers.  These have been painted in my standard way - as explained in the previous Work-in-Progress posts here.  The only real difference with my previous British cold war kit is that I used the PSC British Armour spray as a base coat - and I used Vallejo Pigments and Binder to complete the vehicles today.

If you want to be picky, you could say they are still kind-of unfinished as I've yet to put decals on - but that may never happen so I think they are pretty much done.

Less chat - on with the pics!

"A" Platoon

"B" Platoon

These are all Britannia FV432s, fairly extensively stowed and 4 of them have had S&S Models Peak Engineering Turrets added.  All the figures are also Britannia and come with the vehicles.

As I said I also finished 2 S&S Models Strikers:

Put everything together and this is what you get:

That's it for now...



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