23 March 2014

1st crack at a Solo game

I've been fiddling around with some Cold War rules for a while now and thought it was time to put up a table and have a little crack to see how they go.  No details here yet, just thought you might appreciate some pics:

This is the table layout - pretty simple really.

A close-up of the supermarket and the farm

NATO deployment - 2 were dummies, 1 real unit.  I randomised it so I didn't know which was which.

A recce BMP-2 enters the table.  I also randomised the Soviet entry point for both the BMPs that made up the small Soviet force.  The 1st came on to start the game, the second would arrive at a randome turn - a 6 on a D6 for turn 2 - 5 or 6 on Turn 3 etc.

The M3 Bradley CFV reveals itself - thus also revealling that the other 2 markers were dummies

Soviet infantry dismount behind the farm....

... and the infantry rapidly moves through the empty barn.

Meanwhile the Bradly has moved behind the supermarket to engage the second BMP-2, which of course arrived on Turn 2.  Looks like it's all over for that BMP.

But alas - it has taken the Bradly too long to destroy the second BMP-2 and meanwhile the first BMP and it's dismounts have manoeuvred onto the CFV's flank.

The RPG gunner takes aim and shoots...

... and the result was never in doubt...

I played the game through again - and proved to myself that in close country, 1 unsupported Bradley CFV cannot match 2 BMP-2s with infantry - especially the way I roll dice!

So - very first test complete - not exactly 100% sure what I learnt - but it was kind of fun and I'll be much better set up in the next 2 tests which will be coming soon.

Next - Back to FV432s...




  1. Replies
    1. I think this is Cold War Commander.


  2. Nice one. Always interesting to see how other solo gamers approach things.


  3. That really looks amazing! Fantastic stuff!

  4. Very nice layout. Solo gaming is always interesting since, I think, you tend more towards story telling instead of rules exploitation.

  5. Good looking game. Is Cold War Commander for 6mm?


  6. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm not using Cold War Commander - yes I think it is more of a 6mm game. I'm using some home brewed rules based on the Battlegroup series of games (BG Kursk, BG Overlord etc). More on that in the future I hope...