17 September 2013

I've gone crackers for Krakas!

Sorry - appalling title but I couldn't resist!

Carrying on the West German theme - from last week, I've also managed to finish off some great little S&S Models Krakas.  Perfect for West German Paratroopers S&S Models (which now has a brand new web store) has a range of about 5 different Krakas.  A standard utility, a version armed with a 20mm AA gun, another with a Milan ATGM, yet another with a TOW ATGM and finally a variant carrying a 120mm mortar.

You can find out more about the Kraka here and here and some walk around photos here.  Unfortunately all three sites are in German but you'll get the picture.

The Kraka was replaced by the Weisel, but in my Cold war universe - the Kraka is still king - well - a very little dwarf king maybe.

So here are my pics:

First up the basic Kraka:

Of course I can always add some stowage - but I've been thinking of a system of different stowage loads that I could use - at some point in the future.  The driver comes with the Kraka.

Here is the variant armed with a Rh202 20mm AA gun:

I like this one alot!  I actually converted an Elhiem Soviet figure (with a head swap) to act as the gunner.

Next up a Milan ATGM armed Kraka:

To make this one a tiny bit different I used a Revell Milan launcher with no missile attached.

Finally I decided to make a diorama with my last Kraka:

Again the crew are Elhiem figures.  The Loader is a standard Elhiem Milan loader, however, that is a kneeling down figure which had to be added to a standing pair of legs.  The Gunner is a walking figure carrying a G3.  The G3 was removed and his head popped off and twisted to show him firing.  The Milan is a Liberation Miniatures milan.

That's it.  I'm quite chuffed with my Krakas and know that deep down, I'll need a few more!

Thanks and have fun



  1. I've not heard of the Kraka before, but that's a cracking (sorry) little vehicle. Google's translation of the German Wikipedia page seems to say that it was in service until the 1990s, so you should be OK to use them in preference to the Wiesel.

  2. Thats soooooo cute, and I learned something!

    Great post and work.