29 September 2013

Creating a World War Two Urban Tabletop - Part 2

Its ben a long time - but finally I can post up Part 2 of this work-in-progress.

Part of the reason this took so long is because I got kind-of stuffed around by the original supplier of the wash I wanted to use on the table top.  When I finally gave up (after a few months waiting) I simply ordered it directly from the UK and it was in OZ like 4 days later.  Unbeleivable.

Anyway, soit looks like I totally forgot to take a photo of the painted table top before I splashed on the wash.  I got some Army Painter Uniform Grey spray paint and used that as the base colour.  Then I used a Citadel Black (from a height as Jamie Oliver would say) in some odd spots and another really old Citadel Space Wolves Grey spray to lighten a few random spots.

Then I waited six months, as you do....

Then I got a gloss varnish and sprayed both the boards with that - so the wash wouldn't simply soak through the spray paint into the faux vinyl.

Then I got this product:

from Flory Models in the UK.  To help it flow into the faux cobblestones I added a tiny amount of dish washing detergent.

Paint over the whole table top, it then looked like this:

Once it was completed dry, I got a kitchen paper towel and dampened it slightly.  Then I started to rub off the wash - hopefully leaving only the dirt in between the faux cobblestones.  This took a fair amount of effort and time.  The end result looks like this:

I've added a Marder to this photo for some scale:

Pulling out a bit:

And a bit more:

One panel with some houses etc:

Both panels together (naked) create a 4' x 4' table (I think):

Now I need to start working on rubble!



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