08 June 2011


I was hoping to have something completed for this update, as I was working on 3 very old Matchbox RAF Chinooks, and whilst they have reached a certain point, it was nothing worth photographing.

And then, as a long weekend is about to hit, I organised a little game and decided to use that as motivation to knock out some British Army on the Rhine AFVs - most of which I've had for a while, but for some reason they keep going to the back of the pile.

So just the one work-in-progress photo today:


As you can see there a 4 x Britannia FV432s (carrying 1 Mechanised Infantry Platoon in the game) a Britannia Chieftain (which will be added to a couple of very well painted Airfix ones I bought off Leigh - who bought them off someone else...to make a Tank Platoon) a couple of Airfix Scimitars - and in the back ground you should be able to make out two others - again beautifully painted - not by me - and bought from Leigh. These will make either 1 four AFV close recce platoon, or I'll split them into two elements of 2 vehicles each - not sure yet.

There is also a Cromwell? Spartan and a Cromwell Sultan. The Sultan - for whatever reason I'm not exactly sure - is one of my all time favourites. I just like its lines for some reason... The Sultan will be my HQ Command Vehicle, and the Saxon will be carrying an Air Defence Team.

In the background you can probably see a few Warriors - more on that at some point in the future.

I'm not 100% happy with how these look right now. I'm hoping I'll grow to like them more, the closer they get to completely finished - but there may be a bit of repainting in my future. With a bit more work though, they will suffice for the game on Monday.

After the game I'll try adding a few more cam nets etc to really make them pop.

Hopefully I'll be able to take a couple more WIP photos, then some completed photos and give you an AAR next week.

Thanks and have fun...



  1. Ouch! Those are nice. Damn. Wish I'd bought the Britannia Chieftains. My 432's were very bubbly thhough.

    Looking good anyway.


  2. BTW Richard, what green are you suing for the camo?


  3. Thanks for sharing the pics. Some great looking models there :)

    The Britannia models look as good as I have heard they are. I hope Grubby Tanks gets a few more cast up so I can start buying Britannia Figures as well.

    Who makes the Warrior models?

    We have a few of the Airfix Scimitars at our local toy store I have been eyeing off. I was not going to get them until I found they had still been used recently operationally by the British Army. Where did you get the crew models for yours?

    I heard the British are looking to use the FV432 in Afghanistan to provide better protection to the soldiers from IED's(?).

    Got to be better than a Land Rover :P

    Keep up the great work. They will look very cool when finished!

    Hope to see pics from your game.



  4. The crew come moulded onto the Britannia 432's. You can buy separate Modern British crew from Kingfisher Miniatures and S&S Models.


  5. Nice work - it should inspire me to get working on my Cold War/Falklands Brits.