08 November 2010

Mad Week - Day 1

I stayed home on an annual leave day today - and got a reasonable amount of work done to kick off the mad painting week. In fact I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't had the day off the target would have remained completely unobtainable as I consider myself to be a pretty slow painter. As it is, I'm still not sure I'll finish them all - I've actually put the BMP-2 off to one side already!

Now it doesn't look like much, but each of the vehicles (18 of them) have now been black-lined with Citadel Babab Black. Its a boring process, but the rest of the painting process doesn't work without it being done. I've also started with some of the base colours on 18 of my motor rifle troops.

Here's a couple of pics



So that was a pretty full on day and I'm pretty knackered - so I'm off for a rest... The rest of the week is back to work, so progress will be alot slower.

Have fun


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