20 October 2010

MMS BMP-1 and more BMPs

Time for another update. This week has a BMP focus. Not that BMPs on my blog are anything new, but I have finished another one from another manufacturer and have finished putting together 2 more ACE Models BMP-1 kits.

As I understand it, at least here in Australia MMS BMP-1s are relatively rare. Well before seeing this one I had certainly never seen one before - but I guess that's not saying much! This one came from my local arms dealer - Simon - and was happily bought by me.

This was a very straight forward build - as in it was completely built and just needed to be painted. As usual I have painted it in my standard Russian scheme. So without further ado:

Side View

Rear Top View

This was BMP number 5, and here are the next two... a couple of ACE Model kits that I have just finished building.

All in all, if I disregard the tracks, these weren't such bad kits. I'll provide a more complete review further done the track once I've totally finished them.


(Don't look too closely to the tracks!)

No BMP-1 youtube clips this week - there are enough of those in the earlier BMP posting.

Have fun



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  2. Nice post Richard. Which are your favourites? Ace or Britannia?


  3. (I'm willing to bet it's NOT the ACE kits that are his favourite... I put six of them together and I'm sure the frustration took years off my life.)

    Yours look like they went together a bit better than mine!

  4. Funnily enough, each serves its purpose. If you want great simple models of a BMP-1 that takes no time to complete and paint, I'd always vote for Britannia. However, on everyone the drivers and gunner's hatches are open - so its not as flexible as I would like. With the 2 ACE BMPs, you could have any hatch you wanted opened or closed - and I really like to be able to choose how the end product looks.

    So each has their pluses and minuses. How's that for an incoherent answer!