13 October 2010

ICM Ural-375A Command Vehicle

Every army - even wargaming armies - have to have some command vehicles - and luckily enough some command vehicles are pretty cool looking. For a particular mission I needed a least 1 Command Truck and the ICM range provides a number of Soviet Command trucks to choose from. Admittedly they all look pretty similar to me... but I'm reasonably sure that I made a Ural-375A.

Here's a wikipedia link on the Ural-375 and a link to an English website on Russian Military Trucks which even has a Ural 375 Manual available for download!


I made this kit a couple of months ago (sorry) and it is the first truck I've ever made. I was actually pretty impressed with the kit itself - very different to ACE Models - nice clean sprues etc.

The most major downfall in my opinion is the rather simplistic instruction sheet. Basically 1 sheet of paper, showing the different stages of the kit from just one direction - so in some cases I had to use my imagination to work out how things go. As a result I think I managed to get the entire suspension system upside down!

I'm sure I also managed to stuff up other numerous bits under the command cabin.

Under the cab itself there are a couple of peices to cover the underneath of the engine and after hours of struggling tio work out how they fitted, I realised you needed to trim about 2mm off one end of each peice to make it fit. I have no idea why ICM just couldn't make it the right size?

But in the end I think you end up with a pretty good looking kit.


I painted the model the same as all my Soviet kit - very straight forward.

Here's a couple of pictures of the completed kit - skillfully arranged so you get to see as little of the suspension as possible!

Side View

Semi-Rear View

That's it for now - apart from the standard youtube clips.

Some good views of Ural Command Truck amongst other vehicles

An interesting clip with a Ural Command Truck on the back of a PTS-M

A bunch of different Ural trucks

Have fun


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