17 September 2010

WARPAC Reinforcements W-I-P

In the meantime I was recently able to buy 3 T-72's that came as part of the "Tank Collection Magazine" here in Oz. They come looking like this:


This image is from the excellent Diecast 72 website.

I wanted mine to look as similar to the rest of my kit as possible so I masked up the tracks and undercarriage.


Today I undercoated them with Citadel Black Spray paint and then gave them a coat of FoW Russian Armour Spray



Next step will bring out all the detail and finish them off.

I also got a couple more T-72's from a mate. They are fairly rare Cromwell Models Resin Kits. Fantastic detail, but a bit of a bugger to get ready for painting. Here they are with one undercoated and the other just finished


I'll provide a proper review further down the track when these are finished, and will also compare these brands with my Forces of Valor and Revell T-72's.

I now have 10 of these little beasts which I think is approximately on a 1-to-1 basis the equivalent of a Soviet Tank Platoon, while in Modern Rapid Fire, I'm relatively sure 10 Tanks is the equivalent of a Tank Battalion.

Thanks all for now

Have fun


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