13 September 2010

Soldiers - A History of Men in Battle - ENGINEERS

Over lunch today I watched this episode of Soldiers, focused on Engineers. Like all episodes of the show it is full of good stuff, and as a bonus for this blog, has some great shots of the contemporary British Army in action. The episode shows British sappers in action looking for mines, bridging a small river in Germany and then having Chieftains cross the river.

It also shows a variety of 1980's British engineering vehicles in action.

Obviously its full of other great stuff so please - sit back and enjoy this next episode of Soldiers.

Painting plenty - but all for a WWII tournament I'm helping to run in Sydney at MOAB - so not so much 1980's kit at the moment. Hence these last couple of filler updates - but I always wanted to have these up on the blog, so there you go.

Have fun


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