09 June 2010

"World War Three" The Movie

Saw a link to this on "The Miniatures Page" website this morning and over lunch I watched the first 7 parts, out of ten. I then finished watching the rest at home last night. It's posted in Youtube on the Cold War Warrior's Channel and he has a lot of interesting clips there. Well worth a good look.

Whilst it's a movie it is done in a documentary style and I have to say its very clever. It uses real footage and actors to portray a situation, starting in 1989, that leads to the Cold War turning Hot. So you see George Bush senior railing against the new Soviet leader for being a despot, when really, I think, he's probably railing against Saddam Hussein - its quite chilling how well its been done.

Whilst I can't say I agree with all of the suppositions in the movie/doco, I think it is presented in a very logical format - and I've got to say it presents an interesting scenario in terms of how slowly a situation like this could have ramped up until you get to a shooting war. Also, it shows the perspective of the European Peace Movement quite well. And of course the ending is quite likely to be the outcome of such a conflict.

Clips of Vietnam, the Falklands, Reforger exercises etc, are all spliced into the movie.

So please have a look at it and tell me what you think.

I'll be posting up a scenario next...

Have fun


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  1. Yes, I've enjoyed this docudrama a number of times. I found it fascinating.


    Nick Grant