01 June 2010

Bundeswehr Troops

I've now completed all my West German Troops - I don't have a ton, just enough for some decent sized skirmish games. They are a mix of Elhiem troops and Revell plastics. Size wise I think they mix together well.

I had to be careful in selecting from the Revell range as they are very modern and generally don’t fit into the 1980’s at all. So basically I just took Milan teams and snipers as neither of these have the new G36 Assault Rifle – so I thought I could get away with it – at least when you look at them from a wargaming distance!

My only beef with the Elhiem figures is that they have a bit of a weak point at the ankles. I don’t think in years of painting and gaming that I’ve ever broken an individual figure (I have dropped models and smashed them to pieces – but hey, that’s different). I managed to break 2 of these guys – and due to the skinny ankles, was not successful in pinning them back together. Once I get around to doing a Marder or M113 with an open hatch I should be able to use both these figures there so nothing to complain about really.

Oh yeah – a couple (mainly shooting ones) had faces that were not so good as well. This confused me a little because the vast majority have excellent faces.

Hopefully, though, at some point I will be able to supplement these with some Liberation West Germans (one they have been remastered) and more from Elhiem. I know some more chaps with G3’s and MP5s are currently being done.

Here's a couple of my standard wikipedia links to things of interest on this topic

The Bundeswehr

G3 Assault Rifle

MG3 Machine Gun

Uzi Sub-machine Gun

Light Pzf 44 2A1

My aim was to have them look like this:


Image from Osprey Elite 16 "NATO Armies 1949-87.

I’ve also found a couple of other reference photos:




These chaps (the Elhiem figures) were very easy to paint, once I had worked out the correct (in my twisted view) colour for the West German uniform. Once that was done, the rest was a piece of cake. These were painted in my traditional manner.

1. Black undercoat – Citadel Spray

Base Colours
2. Base Uniform Colour (slapped on) – about 60% Vallejo German Field Gray 40% Vallejo Green Grey
3. Helmet, Breadbag and some other bag at the rear of the figures – Vallejo Khaki
4. Pouches and Webbing – Vallejo Medium Cam. Brown
5. Water Bottle, Stock and other parts on Gun – Vallejo Reflective Green
6. Metallic parts on Guns – Vallejo German Grey
7. Wooden Uzi butts – Vallejo Beige Brown
8. Flesh – Vallejo Flat Flesh

Black magic Wash over the whole figure apart from the flesh.
Citadel Orgyn Flesh Wash over the flesh

Highlight the whole model using all original colours (I drybrushed the helmet and the pants)

9. Helmet Cam colours – Vallejo English Uniform & Reflective Green

Here are some pictures of the completed Elhiem figures:

West German NCO's with Uzi SMGs


Bundeswehr troops with MG3

Bundeswehr troops with Pzf 44



Bundeswehr troops with G3's.

Here are some pictures of the completed Revell plastic figures:

Sniper Teams



Milan Teams

Again - as per usual - here are some Bundeswehr Youtube clips:

Well like I said – that’s all my current stock of West German figures painted. Next step is to complete the painting of a couple of Marders, Leopard 1A5s and Leopard 2A4s.

Then I want to try out a little battle between my West Germans and my Russians.

So have fun



  1. Good post Richard. I think you've captured the Bundeswehr fatigues very well. Still not inspired by the Elheim Germans.