05 May 2024

A whole new bunch of AFV Data Cards!

 So it's taken a while but today I've added a bunch of new AFV Data Cards for several NATO nations.  I've also updated the Dutch AFV Cards I added back in February - and updated the link in that post.  I'll add it again here for completeness sake.  Here's a little taster

In addition to AFVs, I've also added the soft skin vehicles of each nation as I thought that might prove useful.  Any comments on that would be appreciated.

All the new cards (and the old UK, West Germany and Soviet ones) can be found in the Data Cards tab up above.  I'll also add them all here:

Belgium AFV Data Cards

Canada AFV Data Cards

Denmark AFV Data Cards

Netherlands AFV Data Cards

Norway AFV Data Cards

I've made an adjustment to the gun stats for the 76mm L23A1 found on the Scorpion tank, and other vehicles with the Scorpion tank turret such as the Canadian Cougar FSV.  Originally I had the L23A1 as only being able to fire HE rounds, which had an Armour Penetration of "3" - making it one of the worst performing guns in the game.  I decided this wasn't providing a fair representation of what this gun could achieve with its HESH round, so I gave it stats that were not quite as good as the 76mm gun on the Danish M41DK tank but better that the original 76mm gun from the M41.  I hope that makes sense, and helps give the Scorpion tank back a bit of punch.

Finally, as I was going through the each of the nation's original AFV data tables I found a few missing details, so I've tried to fix all those that I've come across.  Please let me know if you have any issues with decisions that I've made.

Posts like these never seem to garner any comments, but if you look at these and find any errors, please let me know so I can correct them.  Happy for any constructive positive or negative comments.  I think I failed to find 1 or maybe 2 decent side profile pics of vehicles on the cards.  I you have any that match these missing pics, please let me know.

USMC and USAEUR AFV Data Cards are next on the list.




  1. Hi, are you thinking of doing a Swedish list in the future?

    1. Yes - Definitely. Working on a list now and the Swedes are next after that.