26 September 2022

Armies on Parade

 Sorry it's been a while, but you wouldn't know it - I've actually played a couple of games for the first time in over 2 years!  Both were "introductory" Battlegroup WWII games so I won't be posting up any pics, but it was great to do a bit of painting, put the new table to the test, roll some dice and meet some new guys here in NZ.  New to me that is.

Before the games, and as I was sorting out stuff to put away into the display cabinet a lined up a few things to take some group photos. First up was my Soviets:

Still a few things to do here, and this doesn't include any unmade kits in the "stash".

Next up were the Brits:

Then the Americans:

Getting smaller and smaller.  Lastly the West Germans:

This really didn't seem like much in the West German department and I was scratching my head for a while as I put these in the cabinet - and went searching until I found all the missing vehicles.  No photo of them I'm afraid.

So that's the majority of my larger Cold War armies.  All in 20mm of course.  Still loads of work to do to finish them off.  Any questions, just let me know




  1. Lot of cool stuff there. Do you plan to build other armies; Dutch, Belgian, etc? Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Have a nice small Danish force, pretty much everything I need for a Norwegian force, started getting together everything for my Belgians, have Dutch infantry but not much more and a few French vehicles, and will now get some infantry as Elhiem have them now. Also Poles and East Germans... Got a little obsessed as you can see!

  3. Oh my goodness I thought I was looking at 6mm! :D A fine selection indeed sir.