05 October 2020

Canadian Infantry Platoon

 Before I jump back to the Canadian M113s (which are nearly done) I have managed to finish the mechanised infantry platoon that will use them as rides.  All the figures are from the Elhiem Figures website and are selected from the NATO - FN FAL, MAG section of the webstore.

It's really great to have a figure range that covers the Canadians so well.  Everything you need to complete a platoon is there and hopefully there maybe even more figures in the future that will cover a couple of things I think are missing.  Hopefully!

Anyway - on with the show.

First up, here's a front and back set of pics of my 5 man Platoon Command Section.

This is followed by a Light Mortar Team of 2 guys and a 60mm mortar I dodgily put together rather than stump up for an actual model...

The figures in these 2 shots make up the First Section.  The top pic has from left to right the NCO armed with a Sterling SMG, a soldier with a Carl Gustav, another with a FN C2 LAR (a heavy barreled SLR used as a LMG) and a soldier with a C1 Assault Rifle (more commonly know as a FN FAL or SLR).  The second photo is of 4 riflemen with C1 assault rifles.  All the sections that follow are laid out the same way.

This is the Second Section.

And here is the Third Section.  

I also have a couple of these guys from Elhiem's LAW Gunner set.  I haven't assigned them to a particular section - and would use them to signify use of a LAW in a game, before replacing them with a standard SLR armed figure.

Here's my Blowpipe Team.  I have another Blowpipe chap and may end up painting up a second team.

And finally here is the Forward Observer Team.  Nice and straight forward, although I am thinking of putting a radio on the back of the chap holding the phone receiver.

And this is everyone together.

This is the majority of the infantry side of this project complete.  I will add 1 or 2 80mm mortar teams, and I will attempt to undertake a conversion of a figure to get rid of his SLR and exchange it for a Browning MMG.  I'd love Elhiem to do proper Canadian MMG and .50cal HMG teams - that would really top off my infantry project.  I may also do a Recon Patrol - basically another section.  Not sure...

So that's it for now.  Back to the M113s shortly




  1. These are great!

    I don't think these were available when I was trying to put together a force of my own Canucks in 20mm a dozen years ago... so I started modelling and casting a few of my own. I only got as far as four - two with FN and one with SMG and one with a CarlG... I'd had others planned (I know I started on an FN C2 gunner..?) but never got around to finishing them up...


  2. Wow Tim - very impressed with your figures. I wish I could turn my hand to a project like that as easily as you seem to! The Elhiem Figures I've shown have only been available for the last few months. A friend of mine helped commission them - for which I am very grateful.