25 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Final Dutch 1(NL) Corps List and Dutch AFV Data

Morning all

Just letting you know I have "completed" the Dutch 1(NL) Corps Army List and the Dutch AFV Data Table for your viewing pleasure.  And here they are:

Dutch Armoured Brigade Battlegroup

Dutch AFV Data

As always I'm interested in any feedback, errors etc.  I'm also sure there are better pictures out there, but these are what I could find.  Some are people personal pics posted up on the net, and I mean absolutely no disrespect (quite the opposite in fact) by using them.

So - please ignore the Draft list now and use this one instead - and go buy some Dutch stuff and get a  game in!



  1. Just found your Battlegroup Cold War files. Thank you !! Looking forward to play testing your rules.

    1. No worries Chris - let us all know how you games go and any questions you might have