18 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Soviet AFV Data Cards and Four Covers

Well here's a very nice change in pace for my blog.  Nothing you see here today was done by me!  I've been very pleased with people especially in the UK and United States giving the Battlegroup Cold War playtest rules a bit of a go, and generally I've had very positive and useful feedback.

Greg (also known as Chairborne on the old Guild) has very kindly spent some time making some Soviet AFV Data Cards for the game.  He has also allowed me to share them here:

Soviet AFV Data Cards

I'm really impressed by these and it's my understanding he'll be working on some BAOR cards next.

I was then contacted by Jason (owner of the Twilight 2000 Miniature Wargaming Blog - amongst many other things) who has decided to print off the various lists etc and make up books out of them.  He also decided to create covers for the books and like Greg has allowed me to share them here:

Cover for NATO Armies

Cover for NATO Weapons

WarPac Army Lists Cover

WarPac Weapons Cover

So thanks to them both and to all that have tried the game or provided me with feedback.  It's all considered.

I'll be adding these to the sidebar and the the Battlegroup Forum later today.  Hopefully the draft Dutch list will be up for comment later this week.




  1. Those cards are fantastic!!! I do hope he gets around to doing some NATO ones as well. Keep up the great work Rich

  2. Hi Casey, Greg has done a great job hasn't he. BAOR cards are up now and more to follow.