24 October 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Airborne Brigade Battlegroup List

So finally I'm able to publish the last Polish list - the 6th Pomeranian Airborne Brigade.  This is another useful list if you want to game out the Battle for Denmark.

So here is the list

Polish Airborne Brigade Battlegroup

Still had no real feedback on these lists - so if you're interested in the Poles and you've had a look at the lists, please point out any errors or areas where we've missed something out.

As I said this will be the last list for the Poles - now we'll be moving to some French lists for a change.




  1. looking forward to the French ! I remember playing GDW's third world war and the French were somewhat reluctant to join the fight ...

  2. Thanks Rolf. Will you be looking to expand your 1980s French range? Need some chaps carrying an AA52 and a LRAC. APILAS armed individual would be good to.

    :-) Richard

  3. excellent, always wanted to build polish Airborne!