25 October 2017

OK.... So it's become pretty obvious I have a problem...

The other day I was looking through the stash and I started to realise that I had accumulated a fair amount of Cold War aircraft.  It's become a kind of guilty pleasure which should last me for years considering how long it takes me to make and paint aircraft.

Now bear in mind these are just the boxed model kits.  If I've gotten rid of the box for some reason - it didn't make the list.  So no inclusion of a C-130, an A-10 and an A-7, a Starfighter, F-16, MiG-21, Su-25 etc.  None of the made and painted aircraft will be shown either - nor helicopters....

So here we go starting with some general Soviet air support:

And some for my Naval Infantry:

In that case I need some air support for my USMC:

And my Royal Marines need a bit as well:

My BAOR need's some more support:

Something for my Danes:

(I'll use another one of those for my Norwegians), plus one of these:

So that just leaves this:

to be used for either my Americans, Belgians or possibly even Dutch.

Well - looking back I realise my problem isn't so bad.  No problem at all actually - so it makes perfect sense to get that Su-24 afterall, and that Su-22, and probably a couple more F-16s and Tornadoes (for the Germans), a Skyhawk, a Bronco, a F-4G Wild Weasel, and F-4 for the USAFE and one for the Luftwaffe and ..........

So.  No problem at all.



  1. Covering all the bases is only sensible. In fact, I would argue that it shows that there is no problem. If you were neglecting the Danes, say, then it might be time to take a good long look at yourself. As it stands, you are fine. Go ahead and order more!

  2. It's not like you're aiming for a 1:1 representation of a squadron for each type of aircraft...Or are you?

  3. I really like the inclusion of the Draken. You could probably throw in an F-100 as well. Wouldn't hurt. :-)

  4. Wow - I feel like I have my own international therapy support group! I've been healed!
    Time to get me some more planes... :-) Thanks guys

  5. "a fair amount of Cold War aircraft" Barely a shelf of product mate. My wife wishes my stash would be that small. Sadly for her it's now half the attic, hehe. Nothing wrong woth aircraft in your games, just build them, great eye candy.

    1. Hey Johan - I'd be in divorce city if my stash rivaled yours! I agree - aircraft look great in games. Onwards and Upwards!