09 October 2017

Fabbri M-60 MBT

So - once again I've been busy with other stuff so my updating has been more than a little slack.  Today's simple update is from some photos taken weeks ago, but I have made some new (worthwhile) purchases lately that I'll share as soon as I get around to taking some photos.

Anyway - amongst all the Fabbri Soviet kits I got recently I also managed to snag a couple of US M-60 tanks - rather nicely decked out in a MERDC paint scheme which I'll be able to use for my other S&S Models M-60s.

Here they are:

So - as you can see a pretty solid model with a decent paint job.  Not going to win any modelling medals but nor am I!  So I'm pretty happy with that to be honest.

Off I go again...


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