31 December 2016

Matchbox Phantom FG1/FGR2

Carrying on with my attempts at aircraft, it was time to knock off another old favourite and complete this old Matchbox Phantom I started over 2 years ago.  As always with me and planes, it comes down to the painting - starting with trying to get the right colours.  I think this Phantom has about 4 different spray coats as I attempted to find the right colour.

Anyway - here she is in the livery of 23 Squadron whilst based out on the Falkland Islands:

All-in-all I'm quite pleased with out she came out.  For whatever reason I'm a bit disappointed with the way the canopies look.  I guess the light blue on the light grey doesn't look the same against some of the darker colours, but I can live with it.

Anyway - thanks for looking and welcome to the blog for 2017.



  1. Looks good Richard. Maybe some ink or wash in the panel lines would make it pop a bit more?

    Nicely done all the same.

  2. I like the canopy! I hadn't really seen a monocolour Phantom before, it is distinctly different. Good work!

  3. Thanks guys - I appreciate your comments. I have to find the right medium to do panel lines. Nothing I used thus far works well for me - but yes I would like to do that at some point. The Phantom is actually two tones of grey - started in around 1982 and used until the RAF stopped using Pantoms as I understand it.

    Thanks again - Richard