06 September 2016

More 20mm Elhiem British Figures

And now (finally) the last figures for the project.  These are some Elhiem Figures from Matt's NATO - British BAOR range.

These two chaps make up a Forward Observer Team.  You'll note immediately that I've taken advice on board and these are my first radios with antennae supplied by one of those tidy up brush thingies (name escapes me).  Very happy with how it looks to be honest.

This is the Elhiem British mortar team - and very nice it is too...

Just for a bit of fun:

Mortar team for some reason deployed out of their FV432M

Mortar team with Saxon APC transport

I did take a photo of the Mortar Team with a Landie for my Royal Marines - but I now realise in my haste I used the wrong Land Rover - so I'll rectify that and add it later.

Thanks for looking



  1. Those look good. I was wondering when I'd actually be able to put a mortar on the table and then I just realised that I just want a mortar.

  2. The mortar will make it onto a gaming table this weekend!