26 June 2016

More S&S News

I don't do may newsy posts, mainly coz I don't see myself as the font of all Cold War gaming news, but every now and again I see a new release that I think is really worth sharing, and making sure people are aware of it.

In the last week I've seen a few of these - all S&S Models

First up S&S Models has made a MT-12 Rapira 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun.  The first reason this is important is that in many Soviet Category 2 (or B) divisions, these guns would still have been found in the 1980s - certainly a must have for what I have in mind for my Northern Flank games.

The second reason this is important - IS BECAUSE PREVIOUSLY NO ONE MADE ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!  Certainly not in 1/72 or 1/76.  The closest you could find is the older WW2 version called a BS-3 which would require a far amount of conversion - or just squint when you look at it.

All the following pics come straight from the S&S Photobucket gallery:

The second release is probably even more momentous for a 20mm Cold War gamer.  It is slightly more modern than the MT-12, certainly more likely to be found in almost any Soviet Category 1 (or A) division and again - HAS NOT BEEN MADE BY ANYONE!!!!!!  It's the Soviet 2B9 Vasilek automatic 82mm mortar.

This unique weapon system is still being used today and fires 4 round clips of mortar shells.

S&S have also made gunners for the 2B9:

And gunners for the MT-12 (this and the following photos all come from the S&S Models Facebook page)

Some funky AT rounds there!

My final bit of news from S&S Models is one I can honestly say that I've been hanging out for for almost as long as I've been running this blog and planning and playing Cold War games - a 20mm Jaguar1 and Jaguar 2

Here on Shaun's workbench we can see (from left to right) a Raketenjagdpanzer 2, a Beobachtungspanzer, and Jaguar 2 and a Jaguar 1.

Some close ups:

Raketjagdpanzer 2


Jaguar 1

Jaguar 2

So all EXCELLENT news in my book.  S&S Models have also created a very nice looking D-30 artillery peice and crew which is well worth a look at and significantly better than the two D-30s I have... Rats...

My understanding is that the Jaguars are (maybe) available now, while the guns will be available shortly.

Have fun



  1. This is the post of a man who understands that happiness is a well stocked artillery park.

  2. Finally... someone who understands me!!! :-)


  3. What would have been the tractor or other moving equipment associated with the MT-12 Rapira? Lovely Raketjagdpanzer by the way, one of my favorite cold war vehicles!

  4. I'll be using an MTLB. I think that is reasonable accurate...