13 April 2015

More Campaign Prep

Well the campaign games are going to happen this weekend - so over the last week or so I've been building and painting things for the games.

I've also been mildly chastised for not posting up more content - so here goes with a few more things to keep you going (Andy!)

These are a some Faller buildings I've been collecting and recently built for the game (and all other games set in Germany in the 1980s - although some will also do fine for WWII).  They are pre-coloured and so far, apart from the church, I have done nothing to them.  Once I have more time I'll put some thought into weathering them a bit.

When the AARs come up (next week) hopefully you'll see all these in a better setting...

Anyway - First up is a large Farm complex:

Now the church:

I repainted the tower roof and the stone pavement stones (which you can't see in the photos...) and also added grass.  One of the things I love about this kit was it comes with 2 optional tower toppers (technical term).

Needs to be painted... and...

Kind of cool eh.

Next up a couple of duplex homes:

Now a home with a garage:

And finally a couple of standard suburban homes:

Slightly dodgy construction there - didn't take enough care leaning the peice against the house for the photo...

One more farm to build - but it won't make it to the game on the weekend sadly - ran out of time...

So - on with the show

Have fun



  1. Those look very nice. I would love to see them as you plan on using them in a game.

  2. Faller do some excellent buildings. I have a few in Z scale. Vollmer, Kibri, and Leutke also do fantastic kits. My only complaint is that the model train guys seem willing to pay completely insane prices for single buildings!