28 November 2014

Massed M113 Mob

I was about to post another entry of Cold war photos, but I thought It was about time I actually posted a real work-in-progress post, to show what I'm actually doing rather than some far distant project.

For a while now I've been collecting things for my USAREUR force.  I've shown a few infantry in the past and some MERDC ideas, but never actually psuhed on and finished some vehicles for the project.  So today I decided to get all my M113's together and start to stow them, and then stick on some cam nets.

Happily I think I've probably got enough M113's now so it's time to actually do something about them - so here they are

So based on the last photo front row - left to right:
Airfix M113 ACAV, ESCI M113 (with interior details and rear ramp down), S&S Models M577, Altaya M163

2nd row - left to right
Easy Model M113 Ambulance, 4 S-Model M113, ESCI M901 converted to be a M981 FIST-V

3rd row - left to right
ECSI M901, S-Model M113, ESCI M113, Easy Model M113, S-Model M113, S&S Models M106

Rear Row - left to right
ESCI M901, ESCI M113, S-Model M113, Easy Model M113, S-Model M113, S&S Models M106

Obviously some have had the stowage started while others have none.

Now to get cracking on the cam nets and other stowage items to these can go on the painting list.



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  1. Awesome collection Richard. Its really good to see so many buckets in one place!

    Looking forward to updates on these.