13 October 2014

The Start of Another Project!

Or is that a sub-project?

Anyway, at MOAB a couple of weekends ago I came across a mate of mine who was off-loading some 20mm kit he had gotten for Cold war gaming (he always buys way too much!).  I knew he had previously purchased something I was interested in, and too my great happiness he was happy to on-sell these 3 Berlin Brigade Chieftain tanks:

I'm guessing you can pretty easily imagine the sub project...

This tanks are great for a bit of this:

But even better for a bit of this:

The little project won't happen straight away, but it will happen.  Just a small off-shoot of my BAOR force - these chieftains will be joined by a platoon of urban cam FV432s:

At least 1 FV432 with a Fox turret:

A Fox or maybe two:

And a couple of Landies:

That should suffice for a nice small urban warfare force.  Luckily the infantry will be painted just like the rest of the British Army so will double up nicely.

As if I didn't have enough to do already...

Oh well...



  1. I've always liked the urban camouflage scheme. I've owned two Land Rovers (a short wheelbase series 2A and a long wheelbase series 3). I always wanted to paint them in that colour scheme, but never quite got around to it :(

  2. Looking forward to seeing this develop! Quite fancied doing this myself when S&S brought out that 432/30 (always had a soft spot for that Berlin scheme), so really interested to see what you do with this!