27 July 2014

Scenes from the Cold War - Harrier Hide

I've been meaning to try and do this for years, after I wrote the Harrier Hunt mission for the Force on Force sourcebook - Cold War Gone Hot.  Right now the Guild is finishing a Terrain build so I thought this was a good excuse as any to finish off these things.  Obviously I need a lot more trees to make the table a bit more decent.

First few shots - trying to show all the hides/shelters as they might be on a table (just imagine a lot more trees!):

Now some close ups to get a better idea of how a sample one might look in context:


So that's it.  Another finished project.  Really?  Is any thing really ever finished?  Good questions... I'll go ponder that for a while.

The weekends AAR coming soon.

Thanks and take care



  1. Can almost here the roar of the jet engines. Very nice.

  2. Fantastic- great to see them come together.. Should make for a good game.



  3. Awesome idea and great scenery. How did you model them? Did you use some kind of form on which you created them?
    Just wondering as that's how I would do it. Model on!

  4. Thanks guys - appreciate the comments. Yes I used a couple of different things as forms - if you look at What the...? Part 2 earlier in the month you'll see some photos of how I did it.