20 July 2014

M113G Panzermorser W-I-P Part 2

So things continue...

The Harrier hides are completed - I'm just waiting for the right day (read better weather) to take some photos.  In the meantime I did further work on the M113G Panzermorser over the weekend, along with a couple of other things which will shortly make an appearance.

Back to the Panzermorser.  The first thing to do was to add the cam netting - which would of course cover half the detail I added!  Oh well - I wasn't real happy with the smoke grenade dischargers anway - too skinny...

Once dried, I undercoated the M113 in black and then sprayed the outside NATO Green and the inside white:

Of course I forgot to spray the two main hatch doors...

I then started to do a bit of work on the inside, and painted the first NATO camo stripes on the outside in black:

This is how the whole thing looks right now:

Still a fair way to go - but progress is being made...

That's all for now



  1. Rock and Roll
    Very eat idea
    And good execution/skill

    In a different era I have a few 251's with interior specials but I could not imagine at going to this level of detail :)