27 October 2013

Scenes from the Cold War - The Supermarket

OK - so I may be wrong, but I think today's update is the first, finished bit of "proper" Cold War scenery or terrain that I have done.  And I'm pretty chuffed with it.

Recently I managed to grab this model quite cheaply:

Obviously I didn't want to use it as a Quickee Supermarket (a little to Simpsons for me) and on Andy's excellent blog Cold War Gamer he had built from scratch (as shown in the link) a fantastic Lidl Supermarket.  He's also a lot more knowledgible about the period than I am - so if Lidl was good enough for Andy - it was good enough for me.  Aldi is the only other German supermarket I'm aware of - and I don't know if their current logo was around in the eighties - another reason to go with Lidl.

I made the kit and then decided to make a base (very unlike me).  The base was made with 2 peices of MDF and I used a couple of different sets of paper products from Small Scale Scenes to do the car park and pavements.

I also finished a peice of my road here to put across the front of the scene.

So onto the photos - first up a pre-war (or exercise) scene:

The photos quite nicely show the trolley rack at the front of the shop.  Sadly the kit came with no trolleys.

Now some shots of a hastily erected Battalion CP - and I imagine it will depart pretty hastily as well...

And now another temporary spot - for a GR.3 Harrier

That's it.  Next up will be some more terrain.

Thanks and have fun



  1. Fantastic bit of useful eye candy!

  2. Nice are the Lidl signs hand painted

  3. No - not hand painted (too lazy and unskillful for that lark) - simply colour printed. Found the logo online, copied, shrunk to approximate size and cut out. Simple.


  4. An that's why I don't shop at Lidl - you can't park 'cos of all those bloody Harriers....