25 June 2013

S&S Models - Soviet Trucks

It's been too long...

I've finally been able to finish off a few models - most of which is part of my Task 2 entry in the 2013 Group Build on The Guild  I'll be putting it all up over the next few days - but thought I would start off today with a bunch of Soviet soft skins.

First up is an S&S Ural 375.  I got this to act as a supply truck for my 2S1 artillery battery shown here and here - and hopefully soon shown all together... Anyway - this was a great, simple (and huge) kit/truck - which goes together very nicely (resin and metal) and fulfills the purpose I wanted - an excellent representation of a much used Soviet truck - without having to deal with axles etc like a plastic kit.  For some reason I find the underside of truck kits very stressful!

So - here it is:

Next is 3 Gaz 66 trucks - again all from S&S.  Two of these will primarily act as the tows (portees) for my VDV's 120mm mortars while the final one will act as the portee for one of my VDV ZU-23.  Again this is a straight forward resin and metal kit.  There is an excellent review of it on Andy's blog Cold War Gamer

Here they are:

This next one is my fav.  I added a false floor to raise the gun a little - the ZU-23 in this case is a GRAN kit.

Finally - here's a look at all the soft skins together

Sorry if the pics are a little dark...

Anyway - more tomorrow


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  1. Nice work mate, more of S&S's goodness, I'm currently making 3 ICMs and I am sure they won't be as quick as these!