26 June 2013

ACE Models 2S9 Nona

Next up on the list is the ACE Models 2S9 Nona self-propelled 120mm mortar - which comes in a box like this:

You can find some general info on this AFV here and here

For an ACE kit, this one was pretty straight forward - it probably helped that I had just built 2 ACE BMD-1s (whose general fit and wheels had stressed me no end) so I had overcome all those issues before building this kit.

The biggest decision was whether to have the undercarriage raised or lowered.  Raised is for parachute landings and perhaps for firing from a position where you want to lower the the vertical view/exposure of the vehicle.  Lowered means locking the wheels in position for standard movement.  If I had 2 Nona's I'd do one of each (maybe some day) but I decided to filed this one with the wheels lowered so it fit better in with all my other BMD's and BTRD's.

I opened one hatch (one of the real benefits of the ACE kits is you can have pretty much any hatch opened or closed) and added a Liberation crew member.

So here it is:

Finally - here's a youtube clip showing various 2S9 Nona's in action



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