07 May 2013

Creating a World War Two Urban Tabletop - Part 1

As per usual - another lurch in direction.

At the moment we are starting to playtest Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich or BG:FotR - the thrid book in the Battlegroup series (if you don't count the new mini-rulebook).

I have wanted (for ages) to create a decent cityscape table - and years ago was inspired by this thread on the Guild by Faustnik.  He creates a cobblestone table-top using a fake (faux?) leather like material - which until a few weeks I ago, I had never been able to find myself.  Then I stumbled across it at "Spotlight" a shop frequented by my wife and bought some.

It's not cheap - about $40 a metre...

It's brown and looks like this close up:

Next step I popped down to "Bunnings" and picked up a couple of 4' x 2' MDF boards - 12 or 13mm thick - like this:

Then - with much help (meaning she kind of took over much to my relief) from my dear wife, and using an air-powered stapler - we stretched the vinyl like material over the boards and stapled the material down - so they now look like this:

You can see the air-compressor in the second pic.

So - Mission Accomplished as George W. Bush would say - meaning, Part 1 is done - much more work to follow.



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