11 April 2013

Fun with my Grandson

Well we had our 10 year old grandson down to stay with us over the last few days and had a great time.  We played a few board games - Space Hulk (the original), the fairly new X-Wing Miniatures Game, Carcassone and Settlers of Catan - all of which were very new to him.

Fairly early on I took him down to my local hobby store and he selected a Hobbyboss CH-46 Seaknight kit to make with me and a box of Airfix WW2 British Commandos.

Over the course of his stay he made the kit annd painted some figures - first time for each.  I had him remove all the pastic peices from the sprues and I cleaned them up for him.  He then glued everything together, spray undercoated and base coated the helo, and then helped me put the decals on.  I painted the windows and a few other things for him.  ....I'm a big fan of painted windows....

Here is the end result - of which I am very impressed!

It was our first Hobbyboss kit - and came together very nicely.  We took our time and the end result was excellent.

I left the rotor blades as seperate so they could cope with the plane flight home.

We also painted his "Army Men"

I painted a couple to help him have an idea of what they could look like - and helped him take care of what was left.  One of them got turned into a Terminator Commando along the way....

So that's it for now

Have fun



  1. Wonderful - certainly as good, if not better than what I could turn out at his age.

    Cherish that time together Richard.

  2. Marvellous! I'm delighted that you are putting to time into helping him develop his interest.

  3. Looks good, I bet he loved gaming time with Granddad.

  4. I well remember my own grandfather taking the time to do this kind of thing with me when I was ten. Lovely stuff.

    Best wishes,